The concepts of Islamic way of life are preserved like valuable gems in the holy pages of Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith. Men and women can actualise those concepts in their practical life only when they are acquainted with them in true sense.

It is a matter of discomfort that a large number of the Bangla-speaking people is not, at the moment, properly aware of the teachings of Al-Qur'an and the Sunnah and the beauty and efficacy of Al-Islam. Many historical reasons are responsible for the emergence of such a state of affairs.

We are eager to present before the Bangla-speaking brothers and sisters the complete code of life emanating from Al-Qur'an and the Sunnah. We are eager to reassure them that the way of life presented by Al-Qur'an and the Sunnah has no match, has no parallel and it is is superior to all other ways of life which have sprung up from the fountain of human thinking.

Our eagerness to accomplish this noble task inspire us to found Bangladesh Islamic Centre.



The Centre aims at achieving the following objectives:

To undertake research on the teaching of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, to prepare books in the light of Islam on different branches of knowledge, to translate Islamic books from Arabic, English and other languages into Bangla, publish periodicals and such other literature as may be conducive to the Islamic Dawah, to hold symposia and seminars with a view to propagating the message of Islam, to develop groups of Islamic Research Scholars and writers, to promote the cause of Islamic teachings and Islamic values through audio-visual means and to extend co-operation and assistance to various organizations working for the achivement of similar objectives.



Any person who is interested in the activities of the Centre shall be entitled to its membership provided:

  1. He is a practising Muslim.
  2. He believes in and subscribes to the objectives of the Centre.
  3. He agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Centreand its by-laws to be framed from time to time.
  4. He submits a written application in prescribed form and is admitted by the Executive Committee of the centre.



The centre has two classes of members, namely,

  1. Associate Member and
  2. Permanent Members


  • Associate members are those who fulfill the conditions for membership.
  • Permanent Members are those who fulfill the conditions for membership and who have been making brilliant contributions to the cause of Islamic Dawah. 



  1. The Management of the centre is controlled by an Executive Committee.
  2. The Executive Committee consists of maximum nine members including the Chairman and the Director, seven elected by the permanent Members from amongst themselves and the Executive Committee co-opts two members if it considers such co-option necessary, for a period of three years.



  1. The Chairman and the Director of the centre are elected by the members of the Executive Committee for a period of one year.
  2. The Chairman is the Chief of the centre
  3. The Director is the Executive Head subject to the control and supervision of the Executive Committee.



The fund of the centre is formed by way of subscriptions of the members, sale proceeds of books published, sale proceeds of journals and magazines, sale proceeds of cassettes and donation of well-wishers.

At present the centre has as may as 8 Departments of work:



The centre publishes a monthly journal named The Monthly Prithibi which contains teachings of Al-Qur'an, Al-Hadith and illuminating articles of different aspects of life.